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President Abraham Lincoln
Comes to San Juan Capistrano

Schedule of Events

In February, President Abraham Lincoln accompanied by the 116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment Company "C" of the Union Army, will arrive in San Juan Capistrano.

President Lincoln will be accompanied by several Union Officers, their ladies and an escort detail of soldiers. The Presidents entourage will be met at the San Juan Capistrano Train Station by the, 116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment Company "C", a local Union Army Civil War re-enactment group. The President will deliver a speech, and visit the Historic Los Rios District, the Mission at San Juan Capistrano, and the Historic Town Center Park.

During President Lincoln's visit to the Mission at San Juan Capistrano, he will settle the differences between the United States Government and the former landowner Don Juan Forster who had purchased the Mission, in 1845. Don Juan Forster lived at the Mission for 20 years.


Come and enjoy a day of Living History in the oldest town in Orange County. The events begin in the late morning and continue into, the late afternoon. All of the re-enactors will dress in authentic period clothing with weapons of the era. Children may have their parents take photographs with the President, Federal Troops and the participants.


The public is invited to walk with the President and the Union Army through town and view all of the activities of the President and Army along with Cowboys and other re-enactors.

This event is Co-Sponsored by the San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce and the 116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment Company "C".



Schedule of Events

2003 Time Schedule:
8:30 President Lincoln's train arrives at the Depot in San Juan Capistrano.
8:40 to 8:55 President Lincoln makes a short speech by the Gazebo across from Sarducci's.
8:45 to 8:50 The 116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry fires a 21 Gun Salute for the President.
9:05 to 9:55 President Lincoln tours Los Rios Street Historical District. While on Los Rios Street the Presidents procession is confronted by a Confederate sympathizer who threatens the President and is jailed by the Union Army and the Local Sheriff.
10:15 President Lincoln arrives at the Historic Mission at San Juan Capistrano.
10:30 President reads The Proclamation returning the Mission to the Church Noon: President has discussion/argument with Don Juan Forster after returning the Mission to the Catholic Church
2:00 President reads proclamation returning the Mission to the Church
3:15 President Lincoln departs from the Mission to the Tea House on Los Rios.
3:30 to 4:15 President Lincoln has High Tea with the Ladies at the Tea House, on Los Rios.
4:15 to 6:00 President Lincoln tours the local merchants on Camino Capistrano from Ortega Highway to El Adobe Plaza and back to the Train Depot.


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